School Improvement

LeadAr is firmly committed to support its client schools and educational institutions in improving their provision and students’ outcomes as measured against international standards and performance indicators.
Our scope of services in this regard comprises some or all of the following:

  • Supporting school in developing and implementing school self-evaluation policies and processes;
  • Analyzing with school its capacity for improvement and guiding its leaders in school development planning;
  • Helping school in targeting internal and external resources effectively to support school improvement;
  • Reviewing with school progress made against set success criteria, making evidence-based decisions, and taking appropriate action
  • Supporting schools in the development of effective performance management systems that ensure continual improvement of all staff;
  • Providing effective instructional leadership strategies to improve the quality of curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment to high standards of performance;
  • Supporting school in developing and implementing efficient management systems and operations to provide excellent learning environment for students to thrive.
  • Supporting school leadership in developing school’s improvement plans
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